Market highlights

1 Lotte Group, which earlier scrapped an initial public offering, said more of its deals are under threat from widening investigations into the firm. Talks with companies in North America and Europe have been halted or delayed, it said.

2 The global oil market will be almost balanced next year as demand continues to rise faster than production, while the current oversupply is much smaller than previously thought, the International Energy Agency has said.

3 Telecoms equipment maker Ericsson plans to lay off up to 4,000 employees over the next few months and is considering large, additional cost cuts due to slowing markets, a Swedish newspaper reported yesterday. The firm employs 115,300 staff.

4 Global Logistic Properties bought back 925,000 shares from the market yesterday, at prices of between $1.785 and $1.795 each.

The firm spent $1.66 million in total.

5 Olam International bought back 850,000 shares from the market yesterday, at prices ranging from $1.82 to $1.85 a share.

The firm spent $1.57 million in total.

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