From delivery driver to fleet supervisor: He’s now managing a team and routes so parcels get to you smoothly and on time

J&T Singapore’s investment in technology has allowed its employees to grow and develop other aspects of their career with the logistics company

Mr Matthew Lee, who’s known for his work performance excellence and attention to customer service, has moved up the ladder to the role of assistant supervisor and team lead of the fleet department. PHOTO: CAROLINE CHIA

Receiving a parcel delivered by J&T Express in 2020 played a significant role in changing the course of this man’s career. At the time, Mr Matthew Lee had just left his job as a bus driver with SBSTransit, and the courier company for the parcel he had received piqued his interest. The then-newly-opened J&T Express Singapore’s headquarters was just a block away from his home, and he decided to walk in to inquire about employment opportunities.

The company which had just launched in Singapore was actively hiring then, and he was offered a job, as a pickup driver, on the spot. And in the three years since he has joined the firm, Mr Lee, who’s known for his work performance excellence and attention to customer service (he has received many letters from satisfied clients complimenting him for this), has promptly moved up the ladder to the role of assistant supervisor and team lead of the fleet department.

Since joining J&T Express Singapore, Mr. Lee has experienced career satisfaction.

In his current role, the 30-year-old works on fleet management, arranging the planning and briefing of delivery routes and schedules, as well as using the company’s transport management system to track and address issues for customers.

“I take joy in the process of helping out my merchants – whether it’s accommodating requests for a late pickup or even something as simple as helping them load stock or throwing away waste on my way out,” Mr Lee says.

Throughout the company, this shared passion for customer service is what drives J&T Express to also invest in its greatest asset – its people.

“Thanks to software learning courses and training modules that the company sponsored, I was able to learn new skills such as data analysis, time management and leadership, which are critical to my new role,” he says. “I am proud to be part of a company where we are provided with diverse growth opportunities equally and allowed to take on new challenges.”

Keeping morale high

According to Mr Matthew Lee, his colleagues have become his close friends and they often meet up outside of work to unwind. PHOTO: CAROLINE CHIA

Besides providing employees with opportunities for job rotations and upskilling programmes, J&T Express regularly holds efficiency drives to relook its workflow and processes – including manpower deployment and standard operating procedures – to improve productivity. A recognition system appreciates drivers for their good work and keeps team morale high.

To strengthen relationships between employees, J&T Express also established interest groups for team members who have similar hobbies and leisure activities, such as badminton and soccer. These groups provide an opportunity for employees to come together and bond outside of work. In addition to promoting a sense of community within the workplace, these groups can also help to reduce the risk of burnout and increase engagement among team members.

Mr Lee says: “This initiative has helped me form strong connections with my colleagues. Sometimes, we even have meals together during our delivery breaks.”

He believes resonance with the company ethos of the Chinese ben fen – which loosely translates to “integrity” or the duty to do the right thing – has also rallied J&T Express employees to share freely and learn from one another.

“My colleagues have become my close friends, and we often meet up outside of work to unwind. At the workplace, we are united as one team to work towards our targets. We help, support and learn from each other, so that we can progress together and provide better services for our customers,” he says.

Going the extra mile

As J&T Express continues in its digitalisation journey, there will be new opportunities for employees like Mr Matthew Lee to grow and develop other aspects of their career with the company. PHOTO: CAROLINE CHIA

A staff member in J&T Express’ pioneering team in Singapore, Mr Lee has witnessed the company’s growth since he joined the local office.

J&T Express started in Indonesia in 2015 as the first express company to offer complimentary door-to-door pickup service. In January 2020, it set up shop in Singapore and has since expanded globally to span 13 countries in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and South America. In Singapore alone, staff strength has grown six-fold.

To support this rapid expansion, J&T Express says it has had to focus on providing users with “more efficient and convenient services” throughout its global network.

It relies on the implementation of advanced technologies, such as an automated sorting system that was introduced in 2021 at the company’s main sorting hub at the Penjuru Warehouse. Two automated sorting machines, each specialising in sorting parcels of different weights, has enabled the company to have a sorting capacity of up to 200,000 parcels a day, which has in turn improved its operational efficiency by 630 per cent.

According to J&T Express, this investment in technology has reduced human error, and also shifted manpower deployment, like Mr Lee, to other more skilled areas. This means the company is able to make decisions at a more strategic level to better anticipate its customers’ needs in each local market, even with rapid global expansion.

In Vietnam, for example, J&T Fresh was launched last August to provide logistical support to the local farmers. The service, which includes support for the harvesting and transporting of produce as well as e-commerce training, aims to help farmers sell their agricultural produce across different parts of the country during the harvesting seasons.

Here in Singapore, the J&T Singapore mobile app enables consumers, home businesses, and small-medium enterprises to send parcels across the island and even overseas to more than 220 countries at competitive rates. A return service with a doorstep pickup or drop-off option makes returns fuss-free.

For its efforts, J&T Express received the Singapore Employee Experience of the Year and the Singapore Partner Experience of the Year awards in the logistics category at the Asian Experience Awards in 2022. The awards recognise companies that deliver meaningful brand experiences to their stakeholders.

“As the company continues in its digitalisation journey, I am excited to know that there will be new opportunities for me to grow and develop other aspects of my career with J&T Express,” Mr Lee says.

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