KTL Global reshuffles its board

SINGAPORE - Offshore services company KTL Global has reconstituted its board of directors with effect from Dec 10, with two appointments and a resignation.

Non-executive director Cheong Hooi Kheng has resigned from the board pursuant to a management restructuring exercise, having been on the board since Oct 31, 2007. She is the sister-in-law of KTL Global's executive chairman Tan Tock Han and the aunt of chief executive officer Tan Kheng Kuan.

Appointed as executive director was Liu Changsheng, who founded GuoRong China Finance Bank (Beijing) Asset Management and co-founded eCapital (China) Finance Leasing in 2015, after stints at China Construction Bank and Hualing Investment Holding Group. He will hold 47 million shares in the company through Changsheng Investment Development.

Appointed as independent director was Zhao Chengcheng, who was also appointed a member of the board's Audit Committee, Nominating Committee and Remuneration Committee. She founded Cheerwin International in 2018 and was previously investment director of Westcomb (Beijing) Investment Advisory, among other roles.

With this being the first appointment as director of a listed company for Mr Liu and Ms Zhao, KTL Global said it would arrange for them to attend training courses to familiarise themselves with the roles and responsibilities of a director.