Jurong Aromatics restarts Singapore petrochemical plant after 1½ year shutdown: Source

SINGAPORE (REUTERS) - Jurong Aromatics Corp (JAC) has restarted its refining-petrochemical complex in Singapore after a 1½ year shutdown, a source with direct knowledge of the matter said on Thursday (July 14).

The plant processed condensate on Wednesday and operated smoothly, he said, adding that it may reach commercial production in a few weeks' time.

Jurong Aromatics' complex includes a 100,000 barrels-per-day condensate splitter, one of three units that started operations in Asia in 2014 aimed at producing paraxylene, a raw material for textiles and bottles, to meet China's demand.

Jurong Aromatics shut the US$2.4 billion plant in December 2014 on a technical issue and went into receivership in September last year.