Eu Yan Sang chairman conferred 2014 Chinese Business Leaders Award

SINGAPORE - Mr Robert Eu, chairman and executive director of Eu Yan Sang International, has been conferred the Chinese Business Leaders Annual Award for this year, said the company on Monday.

Mr Eu said in a statement: "It is a great honour to be held in regards by the judging panel and organisers and to receive this award. I am particularly humbled to be the only recipient representing a Singapore enterprise among the winners this year."

The award presentation ceremony was held in Beijing, and included a question and answer session.

He mentioned how the group celebrated 135 years this year, making further inroads into China and other new markets such as Australia.

The company also a new cafe called Remedy 365 in Shanghai, which aims to encourage health-maintenance through food to busy working consumers.

For the cafe, the company also worked with organisation Teach for China, to support sending teachers to rural communities in western Yunnan, and in Chaozhou and Shantou districts of Guangdong.

Eu Yan Sang International's core markets are Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, and it is one of the largest traditional Chinese medicine groups outside China.

Mr Eu added: "Apart from being a special achievement for me, this award has also lifted Eu Yan Sang to a global stage among giants, companies and brands which are far larger and more well-known in China."