Coca-Cola Singapore unveils new $79m warehouse in Tuas

Coca-Cola Singapore has opened a new $79 million storage and distribution centre in Tuas.
Coca-Cola Singapore has opened a new $79 million storage and distribution centre in Tuas.PHOTO: COCA-COLA SINGAPORE

SINGAPORE - Coca-Cola Singapore opened a new $79 million storage and distribution centre in Tuas on Wednesday (July 19).

The facility is designed to drive efficiency and support its growing business in Asia Pacific, said Coca-Cola in a statement.

It added that the investment comes as the firm evolves into a "total beverage company" catering to the demands of consumers in the region, including that for low- and no-sugar drinks, as well as more new drinks that provide benefits such as nutrition and hydration.

The 6,000 sq m four-storey warehouse sits across the road from the company's concentrate plant.

It is the first warehousing facility in Singapore where the automated storage and retrieval system is built on top of the loading and unloading bays, utilising about half the space as compared to conventional warehousing operations.

The facility can store up to 14,000 pallets with a throughput of 126 pallets per hour, while the automated storage and retrieval system will improve warehousing efficiency significantly, cutting the storage time by 65 per cent to 7.8 seconds, from the 23 seconds previously.

"Asia is one of our fastest growing markets and we see high demand for our wide range of beverages across the region," said Mr John Murphy, president of Asia Pacific group of The Coca-Cola Company.

"This new distribution centre is an investment in automation and technology that will position the company for quality growth well into the future."

Ms Thien Kwee Eng, assistant managing director at the Singapore Economic Development Board, added: "Coca-Cola's new distribution centre demonstrates Singapore's position as a strategic base for regional supply chain operations, as well as Coca-Cola's commitment to set new benchmarks for Singapore's food manufacturing industry.

"By leveraging automation and digitalisation, key components of Singapore's advanced manufacturing sector, the investment is proof that companies can boost competitiveness, drive productivity growth and new solutions for the region out of Singapore."

The Tuas concentrate plant and distribution centre are both operated by Pacific Refreshments, a wholly-owned unit of The Coca-Cola Company.

Together, they will produce and distribute more than 200 different concentrates for brands including Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Schweppes, Heaven & Earth, Minute Maid and Powerade.