Certis and Eutech launch IoT solution for facility owners

Security group Certis and Eutech Cybernetic have teamed up to launch an Internet of Things (IoT) facilities management (iFM) solution that they will market in Singapore and overseas.

International Enterprise Singapore linked up Eutech, a technology SME firm, and Certis Group to jointly work on the newly launched iFM solution, which the two companies say is the first of its kind.

Following the launch in Singapore, Certis and Eutech plan to scale up the new platform and take it to Australia and Hong Kong.

The solution will enable facility owners to centrally manage and integrate building operations, optimising energy consumption, physical security, maintenance and other aspects.

For example, facility owners will be able to use the mobile facility management dashboard to establish if more energy and water are being consumed than necessary. They can then make changes to cut down on wastage.

The solution can also track visitors in real time, while artificial intelligence is used to analyse behaviour through pattern analysis.

In this way, facility owners can anticipate and prevent security breaches by building a risk profile of visitors.

The product leverages Eutech's software, while Certis' presence in Australia and Hong Kong will enable them to make inroads in these two markets.

Mr Joseph CP Tan, senior managing director for Certis technology services, said: "Building on our core capabilities in security, the IoT FM... will strategically enhance our current service offerings and provide unparalleled value to facility owners in the long run."

Eutech chief executive Hari Gunasingham said: "We are at the cusp of a digital transformation of the $13 billion global construction industry. These smart building services are easy to deploy as a cloud service to any building in Singapore or overseas.

" It is a game changer that brings enormous value to owners and operators of buildings, enabling them to reduce significant costs and deliver better services to their tenants."

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