5 BrandInsider stories that will have you viewing content marketing in a different light

SINGAPORE - Content marketing is not all about click bait headlines and content designed to go viral.

The goal is to get compelling stories and useful content out to readers, while bringing in the marketing dollars.

That's what BrandInsider aims to do. BrandInsider is a content hub for brands to share their stories, along with news and views that readers find useful and relevant.

Here are five stories that demonstrate what the BrandInsider team do.

1. Audi Singapore - Drivers, get tips on how to maximise the efficiency of your car

German car manufacturer Audi is at the pinnacle of car-making technology, but beyond selling cars, did you know that they also want to help drivers get the best mileage out of their rides while conserving the environment?

Here were their six tips to maximise the efficiency of your car.

2. SIA - Get the most out of your travels

It's not always about the cheapest air tickets. It's also the experience, when we plan and research for our next holiday destination.

So don't take it for granted that airlines just fly you to where you want to go, and back. Very often, they have insider information on the best places to go and the best times to arrive there. Just take a look at SIA's travel stories on Australia.

What's more, it's about a subject close to most Singaporeans' hearts - an eating tour of Sydney.

3. Getting familiar with your neighbourhood

If ever there was a reason to make you want to move into a new neighbourhood, it's because the grass is greener on the other side.

What better way to tell readers about the potential of an up-and-coming property development than to show them beautiful pictures everyone else has taken of your "hood"?

And this was what Qing Jian Realty did, when they shared the good stuff about living in the north of Singapore, where their new executive condominium, The Visionaire EC, will be developed.

4. Reasons why Singaporeans are obsessed with property

There's just something momentous about buying your home.

So useful tips to help you with probably the biggest purchase decision in your life - your very own condominium unit - are always welcome. As an example, check out The Poiz's suggestions of ten things to look for in your dream home.

5. Tell real stories about real people

Last but not least, everyone likes to read about a good human interest story, especially inspiring stories about real people that tell of how they overcame hurdles and challenges in life.

Stories like florist FarEastFlora.com and how managing director Ryan Chioh has used e-commerce to their best advantage has a feel-good vibe and is also a good case study for businesses in similar situations that want to make the leap from brick-and-mortar to an e-store.