Business training in the heartlands for grassroots leaders

Grassroots leaders can now receive training in the basic essentials for starting and running a business in Singapore.

This will enable them to help their residents who are embarking on their own businesses.

The training is being offered by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (Acra) and the National Community Leadership Institute (Nacli).

The two organisations will collaborate to hold at least two business-related talks for grassroots leaders each year.

The talks will cover various business topics, such as Singapore's business laws.

The first such talk was held on June 29 at the Nacli campus in Buona Vista, with about 320 grassroots leaders in attendance.

"Our partnership with Nacli will allow grassroots leaders to be trained to guide entrepreneurs in the community by imparting key information such as the latest business requirements, legal obligations and assistance schemes, and to point them to the right government agencies to contact," said Acra chief executive Kenneth Yap.