BT Podcasts: S-Reits - good hedge against inflation?

Vijay Natarajan, RHB Singapore's real estate and Reits analyst, discusses if S-Reits are a good hedge against inflation. PHOTO: BT

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Although Singapore real estate investment trusts had a rough 1H2022, real estate investment trusts (Reits) can still do well while interest rates are rising. So are S-Reits good hedges against inflation and what’s their outlook moving forward?

BT correspondent Howie Lim speaks to Vijay Natarajan, real estate and Reits analyst at RHB to find out.

This episode is brought to you by RHB Singapore.

Highlights of the conversation:

1:08 S-Reits’ performance so far

2:24 Impact of pandemic and current volatility

3:18 Impact of stagflation or recession

4:52 S-Reits facing growing competition

6:32 Impact of global recession

8:55 Rebalancing of portfolio; segments of interest

11:44 How to stay up to date

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