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SGX to put more safeguards in place for trading in consolidated shares
 SGX is introducing added safeguards for the trading of newly consolidated shares, following several error trades and feedback.
It will now display "cum-entitlement" (CE) and "ex-entitlement" (XE) indicators on stock price pages. The indicators will be shown under the "remarks", or RMK, column of the stock price pages.

Singapore stocks headed for 15% tumble in 2015

Singapore's stocks are set for a 15 per cent tumble this year, putting them in the same league as Greece. Baring Asset Management and UBS Group say shares need to get even cheaper before they're prepared to buy

Online hiring in Singapore falls further in November

Online recruitment saw no recovery in November, registering an 8 per cent year-on-year fall, according to the latest Monster Employment Index Singapore. Compiled monthly by, the index MEI is a gauge of online job posting activities, culled from a large representative of career websites and online job listings across Singapore.

Raffles Education appoints CEO's son to oversee Europe operations, development of new Swiss campus

Mainboard-listed Raffles Education has appointed 25-year-old Chew Han Wei - the oldest son of company chairman, CEO and controlling shareholder Chew Hua Seng - to oversee the group's businesses in Europe, including developing a new campus at Nandaz, Switzerland.

Year of the mega deal unlikely to be repeated in 2016

Dealmakers celebrating a record year for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) that was bolstered by mega deals are pinning their hopes on a larger number of smaller deals to fuel consolidation in 2016.

Japan govt says stimulus to boost GDP over next 3 years by 0.6 percentage point

Japan's government said on Tuesday (Dec 22) it expects a stimulus package it approved last week to add around 0.6 percentage point to gross domestic product over the next three years due to gains in consumer spending and capital expenditure.

Fed releases capital buffer plan for containing US banks' credit risk

The Federal Reserve is seeking public comment on the standards it would use in requiring the biggest banks to set aside additional capital as a buffer in periods when market risks raise the threat of future losses.