SVCA, Cambridge Associates to produce South-east Asian private equity, venture capital benchmarks

SINGAPORE - The Singapore Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (SVCA) is partnering Cambridge Associates to provide South-east Asian benchmark data and statistics.

SVCA said in an announcement that it will provide detailed aggregate data and statistics to its members, and also publish public versions of the report every quarter.

The report will include industry returns compared to other market statistics, and returns data will be "disguised and aggregated" to protect the confidentiality of individual funds and their underlying portfolio investments. Vintage year returns and aggregate portfolio returns by industry will be reported where sample size is sufficiently robust to allow statistical rigour and to ensure confidentiality for participants.

Cambridge Associates, a global investment firm, will own the benchmarks and base them on financial information in its proprietary database of institutional-quality private equity and venture funds. Cambridge Associates has also worked on industry benchmarks for associations covering the United States, Africa, Australia and emerging markets.

"South-east Asia lacks reliable benchmarking data for the private equity and venture capital industry," SVCA chairman Thomas Lanyi said. "Hence, this initiative is long overdue and truly welcomed. The SVCA is absolutely committed to the creation and dissemination of robust performance data for private equity and venture capital in Singapore and the broader South-east Asian region."