Hong Leong Finance offers higher deposit rates for pioneer generation

SINGAPORE - Hong Leong Finance (HLF) is giving members of the pioneer generation one of the highest fixed deposit rates in Singapore for a limited time.

The finance company said on Monday it would offer Singaporeans aged 65 years and older rates of up to 1.3 per cent per year, for new deposits of at least $30,000.

The offer is for deposits of 12 or 24 months and is available for a 65-day promotional period starting from Tuesday.

Deposits of between $30,000 and below $100,000 for 24 months will earn interest of 1.15 per cent per year.

Deposits of between $100,000 and below $200,000 will get a rate of 1.26 per cent a year, and those $200,000 and above will get the highest rate of 1.30 per cent a year under the 24-month tenure.

The promotion is offered in line with the Government's efforts to recognise the contributions of the pioneer generation, HLF said.

HLF President Ian Macdonald said in a statement: "This is Singapore's first promotion that is exclusively offered to the pioneer generation.

"Customers can take advantage of our highly competitive rates for 12- and 24- month tenures, which are typically popular with them."

He added that the promotional fixed deposit rates are aimed to help the pioneer generation of Singaporeans grow their wealth.

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