Are there Budget benefits for women entrepreneurs?

Reader Sreyashi Sen wrote to askST after Budget 2016 was announced. She said, as a Singaporean woman entrepreneur and a single woman, she wanted to know what are the benefits that entrepreneurs can look forward to in this Budget, and if there are any special funding schemes or special grants for entrepreneurs. She added: "Are there any special mandates, elements for women entrepreneurs?" She also wanted to know if the Budget has any measures for single women above 35 years old. Business correspondent Chong Koh Ping answers.

The Budget measures for businesses are classified in five broad categories, namely short-term measures, helping companies to transform, helping the industries to transform, encouraging innovation and supporting workers in adapting to change.

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There are no measures specifically targeted at businesses owned by women. All the measures announced are not gender-biased.

As for Budget measures for single women, aged 35 and above, it depends on whether they are under any other categories, such as whether they have low incomes, disabilities, or are senior citizens. There are separate measures to help these vulnerable groups in society.

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