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From cushioning petrol duty hikes to targeting healthcare subsidies, here are 11 themes that emerged.

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Policy outcomes tend to evolve over time, which can make measurable change within traditional planning cycles unrealistic.
The stark bottom line is this - if S'pore wants to spend more, the Govt has to raise the revenue to do so.

ST-UOB roundtable

Initiatives to help local enterprises raise capital are also vital to supporting their growth.
Experts noted that preliminary estimates gear the economy towards growth.

Covid-19 Defences

Helping workers

The Government has earmarked another $116 million to be paid out under the Covid-19 Driver Relief Fund.
This complements the drive by the National Jobs Council to create new jobs to help those affected by the pandemic.
4,000 self-employed people made contributions under the Contribute-As-You-Earn scheme last year.

Sustainable Home

Each alliance will develop a business plan that should clearly show how technology will be used to increase productivity.
In the future, tourists would be more interested in sustainable travel options, said Chan Chun Sing.

Business Innovation

They highlighted how corporates are placing more focus on environmental, social and governance considerations.
The funds will go towards building a more vibrant business sector and innovation ecosystem.

Managing Finances