The Canon MAXIFY printer just won an award. Here’s why.

The annual ST Digital Awards ceremony at Marina Square atrium on Feb 21, 2017. PHOTO: ST
The annual ST Digital Awards ceremony at Marina Square atrium on Feb 21, 2017. PHOTO: ST

Canon’s top all-in-one colour printer targeted at business use, the MAXIFY MB5470, took home the Readers’ Choice award for Best Printer at The Straits Times Digital Awards 2017.

Among the other contenders at the sixth edition of the annual tech awards, the MAXIFY garnered the most votes among readers.

Canon Singapore’s head of marketing Edwin Teoh says: “The Canon MAXIFY MB5470 exemplifies the best qualities of a modern business inkjet multifunction device. The Straits Times Readers’ Choice award attests to the vote of confidence that our customers have in Canon and we thank them for their support.”

What makes it so loved by small businesses? Here are five ways it stands out from the rest.

Canon MAXIFY printer

1. Built for business use

With freelance work and entrepreneurship on the rise in Singapore, a crossover business/personal printer like the MAXIFY is more useful than ever.

ST says: “Businesses may also find the ability to restrict certain functions, such as scanning to a USB storage device, useful in some scenarios.”

It combines the ease of use and affordable price tag of a home printer with powerful business features, such as:

  • Productivity features: XL ink cartridges and high paper capacity of 500 sheets. The XL ink cartridges allow you to print affordably. Compared to standard home inkjet printers, the MAXIFY printer offers 50% lower cost per print.
  • Multi-user support: The printer supports multiple devices with wireless connectivity, remote user interface and direct printing from cloud services. The secure Scan to Email function is particularly useful and eliminates fuss in a multi-user office or household.
  • High security: Easily restrict functions and filter IP addresses so that only the right people can use the printer, for the right purposes. Monitoring printer use is easy via fleet management software like Canon’s own iWEMC (imageWARE Enterprise Management Console). The “Scan to Email” function not only supports Canon’s own cloud service; you can also scan to your own enterprise mail servers securely and safely thanks to its support for SMTP.
  • Cost- and energy-saving: The Canon MAXIFY supports automated double-sided printing to save paper. Its scheduled power on/off settings, quick start feature and low standby power consumption are all designed to conserve electricity.
  • Supporting software: The MAXIFY software suite, which you can download for free, contains useful tools like Quick Utility Toolbox (for adding shortcuts to your favourite printer functions) and PosterArtist Lite (for creating notices and posters without advanced image editing or design skills).


2. Printouts in seconds

Efficiency is crucial in this competitive economy. When it comes to printing, the faster the better. Office staff can focus on meetings and tasks at hand rather than stand around, anxiously watching printouts inch out of the machine.

With Canon MAXIFY, that print job would take just 60 seconds. Its maximum print speed is an impressive 26.5 pages a minute (full-colour printing) — close to two seconds per page on average.

If it is a black-and-white document, you can expect speeds of up to 32.5 pages per minute in maximum speed settings.

The printer’s secret is its two paper trays. While printing the first page, it can pull in a second sheet of paper from the other tray, so there is zero time wasted. And yes, you can put different types of paper in each tray if required.

3. Excellent print quality

Speedy printing does not mean shoddy quality. Reports, presentations and project printouts should make a professional impression.

The Dual Resistance High Density (DRHD) ink used in MAXIFY printers is a newly developed pigment ink formulation optimised specifically for business printing. Paired with Canon's FINE technology, which delivers microscopic ink droplets onto paper, it is no wonder MAXIFY’s printouts scored with the readers at the Straits Times Digital Awards.

ST says: “The MB5470 produced excellent printouts, with sharp crisp text and good-looking images.”

Let’s break this down.

  • Fade-resistant: MAXIFY’s ink is pigment-based as opposed to dye-based, which makes it more resistant to fading.
  • Water-resistant: Inferior inks easily diffuse when in contact with water and/or react to the pigments and solvents in markers and highlighters. (Ever experienced highlighter smears in businesses reports?) DRHD ink is highly resistant to water and markers.
  • High density: Blurry text and faded colours are major bugbears for inkjet printer users and are usually associated with small-scale home printers. For professional printing, MAXIFY’s highly-pigmented DRHD ink makes for razor-sharp edges and photorealistic colour printouts.

Professional high-quality colour printing paired with productive speeds make the MAXIFY printer ideal for small and home offices.

4. It is a breeze to use

With a 3.5-inch touchscreen and an intuitive, swipeable user interface, using the Canon MAXIFY printer is absolutely fuss-free.

ST says: “Canon has improved the user interface, such as placing frequently used commands on the Home screen and adding scroll buttons at the side to make it easier to get to the top or the end of a list.”

Best of all, if you need to print something quickly without turning on your computer, the MAXIFY printer is equipped with wireless capabilities. You can print documents and reports via Canon’s mobile app (for Android and iOS) straight from your mobile device or cloud storage.

5. Never-knew-you-needed-them features

Gone are the days of page by page scanning. If you need to scan or copy large volumes of double-sided documents, you will appreciate the MAXIFY’s ability to scan both sides at one go. Its scan engine has two contact image sensors instead of one, eliminating the wrist-numbing tedium of flipping papers.

The ID Card Copy feature also means no more fiddling with identification cards and accidental upside-down printouts whenever you try to print both sides of your card on one page. This function will be extremely useful for our colleagues in human resources. 

Another useful feature is being able to save your frequently-used functions under a custom profile, which personalises the printing experience and saves you valuable time.