Great Singapore Sale 2017: The one shopping hack for you

Jurong Point wowchers

There is nothing like a good shopping trip to lift our spirits. However, retail therapy becomes more fulfilling when you are able to save whilst spending.

Whether you enjoy dining or shopping in general, the west is where you ought to be. Jurong Point, Singapore’s largest suburban mall located next to Boon Lay MRT, is offering $1 million worth of WOWchers, which you can use to save as you spend. 

Jurong point wowchers

Here’s how it works: 

Spend a minimum of $50 at any store in Jurong Point (or $100 at Fairprice, FairpriceXtra and its subtenants) in order to purchase their WOWcher packs. There are two types that you may get your hands on:

Type 1 - The Lifestyle WOWcher Pack consists of four Jurong Point Lifestyle WOWchers worth $20 each and one BEGA WOWcher worth $20. The total retail value stands at $100.

Type 2- The Food and Beverage (F&B) WOWcher Pack consists of four Jurong Point F&B WOWchers worth $20 each and one Crystal Jade WOWcher worth $10. The total retail value stands at $90. 

This means savings up to 30 per cent off when you purchase WOWcher packs at $70 each. $1 million worth of WOWcher packs are available from today, while stocks last.

But that's not all. To get more bang out of your buck on your next shopping trip, use these five additional tips:  

1. Act fast

In order not to miss out on the great discounts, act quickly. In a similar campaign last year, WOWchers were quickly sold out. So after you’ve achieved the minimum spend required, bring your receipt to the customer service counters immediately to purchase the WOWcher packs.

Only 6,500 Lifestyle WOWcher Packs and 3,900 F&B WOWcher Packs are available for purchase, while stocks last.

All WOWchers are unconditional cash vouchers and expire on Jul 31, 2017. Jurong Point Lifestyle WOWchers can be utilized at some 250 retail stores. For a full listing of participating stores, you may visit Jurong Point's mall promotions page.

2. Round up your shopping buddies

Team effort counts; especially when it comes to getting your WOWcher packs. With a group of shopping buddies, you can easily achieve the minimum spending required to purchase them.

Then, enjoy the WOWchers together as you continue to shop till you drop.

When you need to find a place to rest your tired feet, head over to themed precincts in Jurong Point for some refreshments. As you shop and dine at Mongkok, Shokutsu Ten and Malaysia Boleh, the specialty shops, restaurants, bakeries and street stalls will make you feel like you’re on a relaxing shopping holiday far away from home.

Jurong Point F&B WOWchers may be utilized at all F&B establishments and there are over 100 of them in the mall. If you have purchased the F&B WOWcher pack, ensure you head down to these quaint cultural enclaves.

3. Watch out for store promotions

The WOWchers campaign is happening alongside the Great Singapore Sale and June school holidays. This means that individual tenants will likely be having their own in-store promotions and discounts.

You save more when you use these WOWchers to pay.

4. Enrol in Jurong Point’s exclusive SHIOK! loyalty programme

Shoppers can buy a maximum of four WOWcher packs per day, but if you are a member of Jurong Point’s SHIOK! loyalty programme, you can buy up to eight. EXTRA SHIOK! members are entitled to buy up to 12 WOWcher packs.

So if you are not yet a SHIOK! or EXTRA SHIOK! member, do not miss out on the opportunity to sign up. When you spend $50 in a single-day receipt to purchase your first WOWcher pack, you already achieve the minimum purchase amount to qualify for a SHIOK! membership.

A member of the SHIOK! loyalty programme can earn points that can be used to redeem Jurong Point vouchers, tenant vouchers or promotional gifts. Members can also look forward to exclusive events and workshops.

5. Eat, drink, shop, repeat!

Shopaholics will agree that shopping is great. But getting your hands on things you need and want at a lower price is more enjoyable. With these WOWchers, you can spend, save, shop and repeat.

Spend the minimum amount to purchase WOWcher packs, use WOWchers to shop for amazing deals, accumulate single receipts to purchase more WOWcher packs again, and shop more!

Nothing good lasts forever, however. Remember, $1 million worth of WOWcher packs are available from today, while stocks last. So, back to tip number one: act fast!