Ms Suziyana Hamid and her husband Reduan Nordin play games like Monopoly and Scrabble together with their only child, eight-year-old Sophie, or take her in-line skating in the park.
Ilika Motani, 10, and her brother, Darshan Motani, six, are avid Book Bugs card collectors. Lucian Lee, eight, and Lukas Lee, four, with their parents, Ms Chanelle Lim and Mr Larry Lee, taking part in a National Heritage Board's Heritage Explorers Pr
Practise with your child various social scenarios, such as how to introduce himself when making friends in primary school. Talking to your child about his worries and discussing some of the challenges he may face in primary school will help ease his his
Ms Charlene Tiuson Uy (left), senior associate of advisory services, and legal counsel Fiana Sinha (above), are happy to be back at work after staying home to care for their children. Ms Sharon Teo with husband James Shanahan, daughter Emma and son T