Robin Chatterjee

A keen, inquisitive journalist with close to three decades of experience under his belt, Robin Chatterjee has honed his craft from the days of 'cut and paste' journalism to the cutting edge digital world of writing, production and multi-media. Currently based in Dubai, Robin was the Deputy Managing Editor and Senior Associate Editor of Gulf News. He has participated in three newspaper design overhauls, starting with broadsheet and finally ending with the Berliner format, and launched magazines. Apart from breaking stories and writing features, he has won close to 30 Society of Newspaper Design (SND) awards. Robin has also been a guest at weekly radio shows in Dubai and has co-edited a book titled '30 Years Of The UAE'. He also made a brief foray as a C-Suite executive in the corporate world of hospitality, sports and leisure before pressing the 'reset' button on his professional compass to return to journalism. When Robin is not seeking out the latest global news developments, he immerses himself in watching sports on TV, seeking the best food in town, debating passionately on sub-continental affairs, or snooping the net for the best movies/documentaries.