Hannah Bock

A 5m-tall medallion of the Chinese word fu, which means blessing, showcases deep red kalanchoe blossoms against a striking background of yellow pansies. A pair of "golden" rats made up of sedum and begonia plants now appear green as the flowers have
Local TikTok content creator Ng Ming Wei says he likes TikTok because it has editing tools not found elsewhere, while Ms Karina Boenardi says it is exciting to see the number of views going up.
Mr Derrick Tan, owner of Henry Christmas Wholesaler, says the shop has been open since his grandfather opened a market in the space back in the 1930s.
(Above and left) The roof of Singapore Yu Huang Gong, which features ornamental sculptures of dragons, birds and flowers made with the jian nian (cut and paste) technique. (Above) The luxury edition of Heavenly Blessings, which will be launched by Ta