Why It Matters

Every day on Page 2 of The Straits Times, reporters write about why certain news reports matter to readers. This is a weekly round-up of the columns.

A tie-up between the Singapore Exchange and Nasdaq should be welcome news for the start-up and tech communities here. Assistant Business Editor Yasmine Yahya noted that the collaboration is also good news for investors who can look forward to a more lively stock market. http://str.sg/4ynC

Philippines Correspondent Raul Dancel said that the Philippines has won an unambiguous victory in Marawi, with all but one of the militants who plotted the audacious attack dead. But the mistrust and division caused by this conflict will take longer to rebuild than the shattered city. http://str.sg/4yMv

A local study has uncovered a reason Asians may be more prone to diabetes. Reporter Samantha Boh said the study is a significant step in the fight against diabetes, and can pave the way for tailored dietary advice and a better selection of drugs to treat or keep the disease at bay. http://str.sg/4yxF

Malaysia's Conference of Rulers condemned practices such as having Muslim-only launderettes, saying they damage religious and social harmony. Malaysia Bureau Chief Shannon Teoh noted that this rare intervention has encouraged moderate Muslims to push back against an increasingly aggressive Islamic bureaucracy. http://str.sg/4yTZ

The Central Provident Fund balances of women in Singapore have been growing in the last 10 years, which bodes well for the retirement adequacy of women. Correspondent Joanna Seow said the need to help women save for their senior years cannot be overemphasised, especially with life expectancies going up. http://str.sg/4y33

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