Why It Matters

Every day on Page 2 of The Straits Times, reporters write about why certain news reports matter to readers. This is a weekly round-up of the columns.

Food services was the first of 23 key sectors to have its Industry Transformation Map unveiled last week to help tackle manpower challenges. While Spring Singapore, the lead agency in transforming this sector, noted that companies must innovate and adopt technology at a quicker pace, consumers may need to get their heads around some big changes too, said reporter Rennie Whang. http://str.sg/4pHB

Concerns are growing in the wake of Pyongyang's latest nuclear test, with media reports noting that North Korea's accelerated pace of nuclear and missile tests shows its will to threaten the US, South Korea and Japan. The need for the US to deploy its Terminal High-Altitude Area Defence anti-missile system in South Korea has become more urgent, said South Korea Correspondent Chang May Choon. http://str.sg/4py8

Born with muscular dystrophy, Yip Pin Xiu - Singapore's first Paralympic champion - was 16 when she won a gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Games. In spite of this, recognition for her and other para-athletes has been slow. But that has now changed, and the support for Singapore's Paralym- pians is indicative of our progress towards being a more inclusive society, said reporter Jonathan Wong. http://str.sg/4G4V

A move to investigate practices whereby car buyers obtain their cars via private-hire purchase agreements is noteworthy, said reporter Adrian Lim, as some buyers could be racking up excessive debt. Many dealers are selling these cars with down payments as low as 10 per cent. But if a huge number of private-hire cars are kept for personal use, their espoused benefits may be overstated. http://str.sg/4G5Q

Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam's commented that the Central Provident Fund Investment Scheme "hasn't worked out" and "is not fit for purpose" give a good idea of how the scheme has failed to live up to its intentions. In revamping the scheme, the Government has its work cut out for it, said Assistant Business Editor Yasmine Yahya. http://str.sg/4GGZ

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