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What is the Read to be Sure programme about?


Read to be SURE is a new series by the National Library Board (NLB) that offers different perspectives on perennial issues and trending topics. Through the same visions shared by the National Reading Movement (NRM) and S.U.R.E, the National Information Literacy Programme, it encourages readers to engage in thoughtful reading and critical thinking experience through a combination of curated reading content and accompanying programmes.

Read to be SURE is an engaging online platform that exposes readers to trending topics that equip them with a balanced and credible knowledge base. Each content package will invite readers to discuss issues on different topics, and allow them to discover experts' point of views from diverse backgrounds with further engagement via polls and discussions for a better understanding of the issue.

Started from end November 2021, the first Read to be Sure content package "Is Fast Fashion Bad?" explore the pros and cons of fast fashion. The content package was accompanied by a debate-style panel discussion with industry experts at library@orchard on 8 December where they shared their views on trending issues that matter.

Learn more about fast fashion on the Read to be SURE website:


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