ST Explainers: Pulling the plug on 2G, benefits for women, and Brexit

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In local news, the shutdown of Singapore's 2G network and Standard Chartered Bank's introduction of more maternity leave offered fodder for ST Explainers online. Internationally, Brexit, President Donald Trump's latest executive order on climate change and the London attacks dominated headlines and ST Digital followed up with Web specials to explain the implications of news events.

Goodbye to 2G network

Starting from today, Singapore's 2G network will be progressively shut down, with the service ending on April 18.

Tech reporter Vincent Chang explains six things you need to know about 2G and switching over to 3G or 4G at

While we are on the topic of phones, researchers have now developed a smartphone device which can analyse a man's sperm quality.

Discover five other things your smartphone can do, from eavesdropping to analysing whether your food has gone bad.

Leading the way in benefits for women

Standard Chartered Bank Singapore is offering women employees 20 weeks of maternity leave from today. This is more than the 16 weeks required by the Ministry of Manpower.

We look at the parenthood leave working mothers, and fathers, are entitled to in Singapore.

Brexit process kicks off

Divorce proceedings have officially opened between Britain and the European Union, following Prime Minister Theresa May's triggering of Article 50.

It means that both sides will be negotiating the details of the divorce.

For an explainer on what happens now, go to

London's status as a major financial centre could be affected by Brexit as global banks move their branches out of the city.

We look at what some of the biggest banks are planning to do after Brexit at

Trump rolls back climate change measures

President Donald Trump signed an executive order on March 28 to roll back Obama-era policies aimed at tackling climate change.

We look at what President Trump is doing and how his actions will impact the US coal industry and the world's climate at

Two months into his presidency, Mr Trump suffered his biggest defeat yet when his own Republican party shot down his attempt to repeal Obamacare. ST Explainers looks at some of his setbacks at

A look at cloud formations

A new cloud formation has been added to the International Cloud Atlas. For an explanation of Asperitas and seven other cloud formations, go to

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