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Besides old newspapers, how do I find new perspectives about Singapore's history?


As the custodian of Singapore's collective memory, the National Archives of Singapore (NAS) holistically documents Singapore’s history and culture. This includes capturing history beyond just words. One way of doing so is by conducting oral history interviews.

Housed in the Oral History Centre at the National Archives of Singapore Building, these oral interview records reflect intimate, personal experiences about nation-building. To access these interviews, NAS has compiled them on their Archives Online portal for public access.

Reminiscing about the Past

Stories that have been passed down from generation to generation give us insight into how life has changed over the decades. Open a window into the past and listen to some of these oral traditions here

From the archives, you can also learn about the once prevalent trades that have since disappeared from the streets of Singapore. From kachang puteh sellers to night soil carriers, their stories are recorded here.

Turbulent Times

While we are weathering the COVID-19 pandemic, its impact and each of our personal experiences are unique and distinct. From reflections to emotions, this insightful project records the COVID-19 stories of Singaporeans to document the lived experiences of these significant times.

World War II is one of the most difficult chapters in Singapore’s history. Listen to first-hand accounts of the bravery and determination displayed by men captured as prisoners of war while defending Singapore through the Prisoners-of-War series here.


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