askST: Who funds NDP costumes and props, and what happens to them after the show?

SINGAPORE - A reader wrote in to askST: "Who funds the costumes and props used in National Day parades? And what happens to them after the main parade is over? Are they discarded, and how?"

Reporter Audrey Tan checked with the National Day Parade organisers for the answer. 

The funds used for costumes and props in the National Day Parade (NDP) are factored into the parade budget, said a spokesman for the NDP 2017 Executive Committee.

"The costumes and props are both rented, and, after NDP, they will be taken back by the suppliers for the materials to be recycled," he added.

The budget for this year's parade, held at the Marina Bay floating platform, is similar to previous parades held at the venue. This ranges between $15.7 million and $17.9 million.

The audience at the nation's largest party on Aug 9 can expect to see performers decked out in unique, "forward-looking" outfits.

Local rapper Tosh Zhang performing at the preview of the National Day Parade, on July 22, 2017.

This is because costume designers Max Tan and Yuan Zhiying skipped the usual ethnic garb and opted for a contemporary look instead.

For instance, local rapper Tosh Zhang, who will be performing with parkour enthusiasts during the parade, will be decked out in outfits with fluorescent elements. Upon closer look, however, the audience will find that the performers are clothed in "deconstructed corporate wear", such as blazers.

Besides that, spectators will also get to see a giant mosquito puppet and a curry puff float.