askST: Does the free insurance for servicemen cover one who has just finished serving NS?

Reader Molly Heng wanted to know if her son, who has finished serving his national service and is now studying abroad, is covered under the free insurance scheme introduced for all national servicemen.

Reporter Calvin Yang answers:

Since July 1, full-time national servicemen (NSFs), operationally ready national servicemen (NSmen), regular servicemen and selected volunteers from the Ministry of Defence (Mindef) and Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) have been covered for $150,000 in group term life and $150,000 in group personal accident insurance coverage under the Mindef and MHA Group Insurance, with the premiums borne by the respective ministries.

Mindef said this is to "better recognise servicemen's contributions to national defence and security, and to enhance our care for them".

Under this Core Scheme, all NSmen, including your son, are covered during their period of operationally ready NS (ORNS) duties, such as during their In-Camp Training.

Those who wish to insure themselves outside of these ORNS duty periods may purchase additional coverage under the Voluntary Scheme. The premiums for this voluntary coverage will be borne by the servicemen themselves.

This Voluntary Scheme for MHA personnel has been available since July 1, and will be available to Mindef and Singapore Armed Forces personnel from Oct 1.

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