What's News: Jul 18, 2018

Justice George Wei


Malaysia's King calls for unity

Malaysia's King yesterday called for national unity as he opened the first session of the country's Parliament after the landmark May 9 elections. The call came as some members of the opposition, now dominated by the Malay majority, sought to stoke tensions by questioning the new government's appointment of non-Malays to prominent posts.


Judge known for IP law resigns

Justice George Wei, 63, who is well-known for his contributions to intellectual property law, will resign from the Supreme Court Bench on Aug 1. The Supreme Court said Justice Wei (above) also contributed significantly to other areas, including several important decisions on labour law.


Modi courts farmers

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi, with his eyes firmly on next year's general election, has reached out this week to farmers again, repeating a promise to double their income in five years. Farmers form an important voting bloc as they make up 31.55 per cent of India's total rural population of 830 million people.


Australia draws the rich

Australia has become the destination of choice for the world's wealthy. It had an intake of about 10,000 millionaires last year, ahead of the US, Canada and the United Arab Emirates. The AfrAsia Bank report said factors for people moving to Australia included safety and the resilient economy.


Attracting mega listings

Singapore has joined exchanges that allow dual-class share structures. But will this lure the big technology companies and regional companies that want to expand? Business editor Lee Su Shyan delves into the issue.


Chinatown losing local flavour

Some Singaporeans feel Chinatown has lost its local flavour and would not recommend it to tourists or friends visiting from overseas, a survey still being conducted has found. Some complain about the enclave's lack of authenticity and loss of heritage.


Green light for Vigilance crew

The crew of the Victory-class missile corvette vessel RSS Vigilance, which is fully manned by operationally ready national servicemen, attained their full operational readiness status yesterday, joining the team from RSS Vengeance.


Redas decries cooling moves

The imposition of heftier additional buyer's stamp duty on developers is "a big setback for the property market in Singapore", Real Estate Developers' Association of Singapore president Augustine Tan said yesterday.

He said the changes have cooled demand and possibly eroded the confidence of developers, investors and buyers.


New owners for old clubhouse

The controversial clubhouse at the centre of last year's Football Association of Singapore (FAS) election donation saga will reopen today under the new ownership of Albirex Niigata. The unit was formerly used by Tiong Bahru Football Club, but they were forced to close the facility after failing to meet updated guidelines for clubs with jackpot machines.



Boxer tops Forbes list

American boxer Floyd Mayweather was named the world's highest-paid entertainer on Monday on the annual Forbes Celebrity 100 list, making US$285 million (S$388 million) in pre-tax earnings from June last year to June this year.

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Dance of the fire dragon

Find out more about Mun San Fook Tuck Chee temple's fire dragon, which is more than 60m long and makes an appearance only once every three years. http://str.sg/oAka


Caregiving aid

More nursing homes and flats are installing ceiling hoists. See how these can be a boon to caregivers as well as those with disabilities. http://str.sg/oQKe

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