ST wishes its readers a Happy Chinese New Year: A round-up of some fun & quirky CNY greetings


SINGAPORE - The Straits Times would like to wish all its readers a very Happy Chinese New Year via this illustrated video, courtesy of resident artists Lee Chee Chew (creator of the popular local comic strip CHEW ON IT!) and Bryandt Lyn.

Traditional festive greetings have caught up with the social media age. Here is a quick round-up of unique, fun and quirky CNY greetings circulating on social media and the Internet.

Trust someone to come up with a hand gesture mimicking the goat. According to The Star, people in Penang are wishing each other Gong Xi Fa Cai with a unique greeting.


Here is how to do it: clasp your fists together and stick both your thumbs up to emulate the horns of the bleating animal. Cute.

Not surprisingly, companies are capitalising on the goat trend. From the creators of the award-winning bookbook video comes this marketing campaign.

Then there are also other clever (or cringe-worthy, depending on whether you are a fan) goat-related puns - American Express' "Goat forth and travel", online shopping site Lazada's "Oh My Goat" and "Goat Year, Goat Luck" by BreadTalk.

Making the rounds among Malaysian netizens is this funky video of three Malaysian aunties rapping about Chinese New Year, an ad for communications service provider Maxis.

And while the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong has fizzled out somewhat, there is something for protesters to smile about at Victoria Park's Chinese New Year market this year.

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