Uber apologises for Wife Appreciation Day promotion gaffe in Bangalore

Uber sent a promotional message to customers in Bangalore with the promotional code "nocookingday". PHOTO: AFP

BANGALORE - Uber, which drives people from place to place, has driven some people mad with a promotional message in Bangalore that has been deemed sexist.

The ride-hailing firm sent a promotional message on Sunday (Sept 17) to its customers in India's third-largest city, asking husbands to "let your wife take a day off from the kitchen".

It gave a "gentle reminder" that it was Wife Appreciation Day, and offered a discount on its UberEats food delivery service, with the promotional code "nocookingday".

Netizens were riled up, and criticised Uber for perpetuating gender stereotypes.

In a tweet later on, Uber said: "This was totally inappropriate. We've removed it and we apologise."

Its chief brand ambassador Bozoma Saint John also tweeted: "Oh hell no. This is completely unacceptable."

She added that she would "take care of this".

According to the BBC, the promotional campaign did not actually stir up a storm locally.

BBC journalist Ayeshea Perera reported: "Most people on Monday did not seem to know about the promo or even the negative impression it is said to have created."

She said there was no hype on social media, and the story did not feature in the city's main tabloids and newspapers.

"But if Uber is to be taken seriously, it will have to be careful to avoid carelessly worded messages like this one and come up with something more imaginative."

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