Teen drowns in Pakistan after slipping into river while trying to record video

A teenager drowned after trying to record a video near Pakistan's Swat River on June 28.

Mr Sheraz Khan, 19, was standing by the river's edge when he slipped in and was swept away by the current, reported British paper The Daily Mail on Wednesday (July 4).

The student, from the city of Karachi, was on a picnic with his cousin and his uncle.

Mr Sheraz had asked his cousin, Mr Yaseen Khan, to take a video of him while he was near the water, in an attempt to prove that he was not afraid of it.

Their uncle, Mr Khan Muhammad, said he was running an errand when he heard shouts for help.

The Daily Mail said that a rescue team rushed to the spot within 10 minutes, but Mr Sheraz had already drowned.

His body was taken out of the river the next morning, about 48km from where he fell in.