Soccer fans storm the field in Northeastern Brazil

As soon as Fortaleza won the Ceara state championship Sunday, its fans stormed the field and took matters into their own hands.

The crowds began destroying the field, throwing broken chairs, and attacking fans of city rivals, Ceara.

Police responded with tear gas and flash grenades and a number of fans were arrested. Civil police delegate Jeferson Castelao hopes to identify many more.

Civil police delegate, Jeferson Castelao, says: "We are going to carry out a process of identification using CCTV footage at the stadium. The people involved will certainly be identified and they will have to respond in the appropriate manner, and will probably be banned from the stadiums."

Brazilian Military Police said 600 officials were on duty during the game, but only 14 were on the field.

About 80 had left to control more violence outside the stadium.

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