SCDF team conducts search and rescue ops at Lalitpur

LALITPUR, NEPAL - Rescuers from Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand have recovered a body at quake-hit Lalitpur, just south of Nepal's capital Kathmandu, on Thursday.

The team led by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) successfully retrieved the body of Mr Kitaba Tamang, 27, in the recovery operation.

Earlier, rescuers from Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia deployed dogs, and carried out a visual search for trapped victims in partially collapsed buildings, but they found no signs of life.

The Singapore team then spotted the hand of the victim, whose body was found trapped under a staircase in an apartment block.

Deputy Contingent Commander Captain Foo Yiing Kai said the building was stable after controlled demolition, but extricating the body was "tricky".

Rescuers from Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand had to clear the rubble to expose more of the body, before they could recover it.






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