Nepal earthquake: Kathmandu turns into city of tents as victims seek refuge

Great "tent cities" have risen around the Nepali capital of Kathmandu after a magnitude 7.8 earthquake wreaked Nepal on Saturday.

The worst earthquake to hit Nepal in 80 years has killed more than 3,700 people and buildings in the capital have collapsed or have huge cracks in them.

Many of Kathmandu's one million residents have slept in the open since Saturday's quake.

This is because their homes were flattened or they were terrified that aftershocks would bring them crashing down.

The aftershocks have also forced doctors and staff to move hundreds of patients onto the city streets on stretchers and sacks, and lay them on the road outside Kathmandu Medical College, where an improvised operating theatre was set up in a tent.

Outside the National Trauma Centre, hundreds of injured with fractured and bloody limbs lie in tents made from hospital sheets.

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