Indian devotees say 'Happy birthday, Donald Trump!'

US President Donald Trump's 71st birthday is being celebrated with cake and congratulations in New Delhi, India, where one right-wing group has declared him to be ' the saviour of humanity'.

NEW DELHI (REUTERS) - Festivities are underway in New Delhi for the most unlikely of political celebrations - the birthday of US President Donald Trump.

Trump turned 71 on Wednesday (June 14) and the right-wing group Hindu Sena celebrated with a cake in his honour.

Vishnu Gupta is the group's national president.

"Only one man can establish peace in this world and that is Donald Trump. So to maintain peace (in the world), the saviour of humanity was born today and we are celebrating his birthday," said Vishnu Gupta, the group's president.

The pro-Trump activists held a similar party before the US election last year, praying for Mr Trump's eventual victory.

They say the 45th president is a messiah whose policies should be followed in India, particularly when it comes to Pakistan-administered Kashmir.

Gupta say he hopes someday to hear that US has bombed the region and that all its militants have been "eliminated".