Foreigners in Nepal at time of deadly disaster

MUMBAI (Reuters) - Here are details released by some foreign governments on citizens who found themselves in Nepal at the time a strong earthquake hit on Saturday, killing more than 2,200 people.

The 7.9 magnitude quake struck at midday at a busy time of year for the tourism-reliant country's trekking and climbing season, with an estimated 300,000 foreign tourists in the country, several hundred of those on Mount Everest.

Countries are listed in alphabetical order.

- AUSTRIA: Foreign ministry says around 250 Austrians in Nepal, no reports so far on any casualties.

- BANGLADESH: Foreign ministry says no nationals in Nepal have been reported injured or killed. But four reported killed inside Bangladesh.

- BRITAIN: No details released yet.

- BELGIUM: Foreign ministry says not aware of any victims.

- CHINA: Xinhua news agency, quoting the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu, reports four people confirmed dead and 10 seriously injured.

- FRANCE: Foreign ministry says around 500 French nationals have been located and are safe, and has no information on any victims.

- GERMANY: No details released yet.

- INDIA: Nearly 800 Indians have been evacuated from Nepal with more on the way home, according to the Ministry of External Affairs. No Indian casualties yet reported in Nepal, but 49 reported killed in India.

- INDONESIA: Foreign ministry says has 34 nationals in Nepal. Eighteen are living in Nepal and 16 are visiting. Says still trying to contact 18 of those nationals.

- ISRAEL: Foreign ministry says it estimates around 600 Israelis are in Nepal, and has secured contact with 400, most of them sheltering at the embassy in Kathmandu. These include 25 couples in Nepal to bring home babies born to surrogates.

- ITALY: No details released yet.

- JAPAN: Foreign ministry says has no reports of Japanese killed or injured in the quake, but is still checking whereabouts of citizens. Some 1,100 Japanese living in Nepal are registered with the embassy, but no information on number of nationals travelling through.

- LATVIA: Local news agencies report around 41 people from Latvia in Nepal at the moment. Four are missing.

- LITHUANIA: Foreign ministry says 25 Lithuanian nationals registered in Nepal are safe, but does not know yet of any unregistered travellers.

- MALAYSIA: Foreign ministry says all citizens in Nepal are accounted for and safe. A team of Malaysian Everest climbers are safe at base camp.

- PHILIPPINES: Two Filipino climbers are reported safe.

- POLAND: No news on any Poles affected.

- ROMANIA: Nineteen Romanians in Nepal, including mountaineer Alex Gavan and three others, all reported to be safe.

- RUSSIA: Tass news agency, citing emergencies ministry, says no casualties among Russians.

- SWEDEN: Foreign ministry is aware of around 40 Swedes in Nepal but has no information about dead, hurt or missing nationals.

- SOUTH KOREA: Foreign ministry says three nationals injured in the earthquake. It estimates 650 residents and as many as 1,000 travellers were in Nepal at the time.

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