Food delivers hope to disaster stricken Nepal

Scenes of devastation and loss in the northern district of Sindhupalchok in Nepal.

Many in the area lost everything when the earthquake rumbled through the country, sweeping their homes away.

Some have not eaten for days - but relief is on hand with the World Food Program delivering food.

This woman and her family survived the quake - but lost their home and belongings.

A survivor, Bimala Tamang, says: "When the earthquake happened, we hadn't yet eaten. My husband and my son were fixing a light. My daughter was inside and tried to escape, but the house collapsed on her. The only reason she survived is because her leg was caught and she was trapped under the stairs. We thought she was dead. After three hours we heard her screaming and finally she was rescued from the rubble."

With food comes hope as the country still recovers from an earthquake that killed more than 7,300 people.

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