Baby born in ambulance - surrounded by a dozen lions

GUJARAT(India) • It's a story she will likely be telling her child for years to come - a pregnant woman from Lunsapur village, located in Gujarat, India, was forced to deliver her baby in an ambulance after the vehicle was blocked by about a dozen lions.

The incident occurred about 3km from the woman's village on Wednesday, the Times of India reported. The ambulance had been en route to the hospital with the woman, who was in labour, when it encountered the pride blocking the road.

The paramedics decided to wait for the lions to leave, but as time passed, the woman began to bleed and the animals would not budge.

The decision was then made to deliver the baby in the ambulance.

"The staff contacted our physician over the phone and gave details of (the woman's) vitals. Based on this, the physician gave (approval) for delivery. The delivery took about 25 minutes, and the entire time the lions were moving around the ambulance," Mr Chetan Gadhia, head of the 108 Ambulance Service of the Amreli district, told the Times of India.

After the delivery, the baby was placed in the vehicle's baby warmer and the driver tried to drive forward. Eventually, the lions got off the road and mother and child were taken to the Jafrabad government hospital.

Mr Gadhia said his staff were trained to deal with situations like the one on Wednesday, and it was not the first time paramedics had encountered lions while on call.

"In some situations our staff have to walk for kilometres as there is no road for the ambulance," he added.

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