Afghan rape gang sentenced to death after national outrage

KABUL (AFP) - An Afghan judge on Sunday sentenced seven men to death for the gang-rape of four women in a case that has sparked nationwide outrage, with angry protests outside the court and proceedings broadcast live on television.

The seven men, who stood in the dock dressed in brown traditional clothing, were found guilty of kidnapping and attacking the female members of a group that was driving back into Kabul from a wedding outside the city.

In a trial that lasted only a few hours, the death sentences were technically handed down for the crime of armed robbery.

President Hamid Karzai had earlier called for the men to be hanged.

The court heard the men, wearing police uniforms and armed with guns, had stopped a convoy of cars in the early hours of Aug 23. They dragged the four women out of the vehicles, robbed them, beat them up and then raped them. One of the victims was reported to be pregnant.

"We went to Paghman with our families. On the way back, they took us, one of them put his gun on my head, the other one took all our jewellery, and the rest started what you already know," one victim, dressed in a burqa, told the court.

As noisy demonstrators outside the court demanded the death penalty, applause erupted inside after Kabul police chief Zahir Zahir also called for the men to be hanged.

"We want them to be hanged in public, so that it will be a lesson for others," he said. "We arrested them with police uniforms. They confessed to their crime within two hours of their arrest."

The judge said the seven had the right to appeal against their sentences.

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