What's Next: October 4, 2016

Philippines, US hold amphibious drills

The Philippine military and the United States Marines will hold annual amphibious landing exercises in the Philippines from today until Oct 12. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte plunged one of the US' most important Asian alliances into uncertainty last week by declaring the nine-day Philippine-US Amphibious Landing Exercises "the last" between the two countries.

Helping elderly hypotension patients

A research team from SingHealth Polyclinics is planning to introduce early intervention and prevention for elderly patients who are at higher risk of orthostatic hypotension, a form of low blood pressure that largely affects seniors. For those with this condition, their blood pressure drops when they change their posture, such as from a resting to standing position. This sudden change often results in dizziness and poses a significant fall risk.

Australia likely to keep rates steady

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is expected to keep rates steady at its October policy meeting today, as it assesses the impact of past easing on the markets.

The RBA cut rates in May and August, which took bank borrowing costs to an all-time low of 1.5 per cent, to support domestic demand and keep inflation low for some time. New central bank chief Philip Lowe is unlikely to change the status quo in his first meeting at the helm.

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