What's Next: June 1, 2016

Economic forum on Asean begins

Kuala Lumpur plays host to the World Economic Forum on Asean today, where decision-makers will convene to seek greater collaboration between governments, industry and civil society to promote integration and sustainable growth while addressing regional challenges.

The theme for the two-day meeting is "Shaping the Asean agenda for inclusion and growth".

Plans for Mandai makeover

Mandai Safari Park Holdings will be announcing its plans for the development of Mandai. The Mandai nature precinct will expand beyond its current offerings to become an integrated nature and wildlife destination, with a strong focus on promoting wildlife conservation and education.

The massive Mandai makeover was announced by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in September 2014.

Manufacturing data across the globe

Official and private gauges of the Purchasing Managers' Index for May manufacturing will be released today by many nations, including the United States, China and Japan.

The data will reflect the health of the manufacturing sectors in those countries. Of the top two, analysts expect stagnant growth in the US and stalling growth in China.

Malaysia, Indonesia and South Korea are also expected to release their May growth data.

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