What's Next: 27 Jun 2018

Indonesians vote in regional polls

Voters in Indonesia will be taking part in regional polls today to elect provincial governors, mayors and local parliamentarians.

Opinion polls suggest candidates backed by parties supporting President Joko Widodo will win in many parts of Java, Indonesia's most populous island, but observers will be watching for signs of Islamist influence.

First S'pore Defence Technology Summit

The inaugural Singapore Defence Technology Summit starts today. The three-day event is a gathering of global thought leaders from defence, security establishments, industry, academia and think-tanks to network, confer and collaborate in the development of defence and security capabilities.

Topics such as cyber security, unmanned autonomous vehicles and big data will be on the agenda.

Chambers of commerce hold dialogue

The Singapore International Chamber of Commerce, American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore and Kadin Indonesia are holding a dialogue today on Indonesian President Joko Widodo's mid-term economic performance.

Indonesia's Ambassador to Singapore Ngurah Swajaya is among the speakers.

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