What's News: September 12, 2015

Aerial view of housing complex near Musi River as the haze blankets over Palembang, Indonesia's south Sumatra province, Sept 10, 2015.
Aerial view of housing complex near Musi River as the haze blankets over Palembang, Indonesia's south Sumatra province, Sept 10, 2015. PHOTO: REUTERS


Respiratory woes in Indonesia

Thick smoke from hundreds of forest and land fires in Sumatra and Kalimantan has caused tens of thousands of Indonesians to suffer from respiratory illnesses.

The National Disaster Management Agency said the dry weather is set to persist for several more days.


1MDB probe extends to HK

The probe into 1Malaysia Development Berhad widens as Hong Kong police investigate bank deposits a complainant said were linked to Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak. A government spokesman said Datuk Seri Najib does not control any Credit Suisse bank accounts in Hong Kong.


Obama wins key vote on N-deal

Senate Democrats delivered a major victory to United States President Barack Obama (above) when they blocked a Republican resolution to reject a six-nation nuclear accord with Iran. But Republicans have vowed to keep fighting, saying the deal does not provide for timely inspections and does nothing to stop Iran's support for militant groups.


Bangkok blast: Suspected mastermind 'fled to China'

Thai police said the suspected mastermind of last month's bomb attack in Bangkok left for China from Bangladesh on Aug 30. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said they are investigating. Thailand is also working with Malaysia to track the suspect who planted the bomb.

The suspected mastermind of the bomb attack at Erawan Shrine (above) left for China on Aug 30, say Thai police. PHOTO: EUROPEAN PRESSPHOTO AGENCY


Floods spread in Japan

Japan continues to reel from heavy rain and flooding as more rivers burst their banks, leaving at least 23 people missing and forcing over 100,000 to flee. A severe rain warning was in effect for parts of northern Japan but flood waters were slowly retreating in Joso.


A reel Singapore celebration

By Invitation columnist Kishore Mahbubani was moved to tears when he watched SG50 movie 7 Letters, a collection of seven short films by seven local film-makers. Find out why he thinks the movie is one of the best elements of Singapore's Jubilee year.


New lease of life for old cars

A growing number of Singapore motorists are keeping their cars for longer by revalidating their certificates of entitlement. Transport experts believe these drivers are clinging on to their older vehicles to "ride out" the current high COE prices.


ST exhibition souvenirs a hit

More than 110,000 people have visited an exhibition to mark the 170th anniversary of The Straits Times since it opened at the ArtScience Museum on July 17. Souvenirs including notebooks and a commemorative book have also been a hit with visitors.


Recruiters see hiring freeze

Job hiring has so far been only modestly affected by the recent stock market turmoil and China's economic slowdown, Singapore headhunters say. But they predict that hiring could be halted completely in the second half of next year as the full impact of these factors flows through.


Schooling eyes Olympic medal Joseph Schooling, 20, has clinched

The Straits Times Star of the Month award for August by virtue of his world championships bronze medal in the 100m butterfly - Singapore's first. Schooling said: "I think it's a good achievement but it's just a stepping stone to my ultimate goal."


HK broadcaster in new hands

Ailing Hong Kong broadcaster Asia Television (ATV), which has seven months left on its broadcasting licence, has changed hands, with China Culture Media International acquiring a controlling stake. The new shareholder will set up and manage a HK$10 billion (S$1.8 billion) fund, of which at least HK$5.1 billion will be invested in applying for ATV's new licence. More immediately, the broadcaster will be able to pay wages.

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