What's News: May 24, 2016

Madonna performing a tribute to Prince during the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Sunday.
Madonna performing a tribute to Prince during the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Sunday.PHOTO: AFP


US lifts arms ban on Vietnam

The United States is ending a Cold War-era ban on sales of lethal weapons to Vietnam, President Barack Obama announced in Hanoi, in a significant warming of relations between the once-bitter enemies. The move reflected the Obama administration's calculus that Vietnam is to be courted as a strategic US partner in South-east Asia, said an observer. 


CJ speaks on rule of law

The Government's commitment to complying with the judgment of its courts is critical to the rule of law and good governance, said Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon at the American Law Institute last week. 

Recovered debris from the EgyptAir jet that went down last week over the Mediterranean Sea.
Recovered debris from the EgyptAir jet that went down last week over the Mediterranean Sea. PHOTO: REUTERS


Jet crash: Cause still unclear

The few clues that have surfaced so far from the wreckage of EgyptAir Flight MS804 offer no clear explanation for the crash, as the search expands for data recorders and more debris from the jet , which went down over the Mediterranean Sea with 66 people on board last Thursday. The initial investigation report will be out in a month. 


Zika outbreak expected in US

The Zika outbreak is expected to reach the continental US in the coming weeks as temperatures rise and mosquito populations multiply. Over a dozen state and local officials fear they will have no money or enough time to plug gaping holes in their defences. 


Peek into a writer's life

Writers understand the split in themselves: the person who cooks the meals, walks the dog and goes about his daily life; and the other, shadowy, equivocal person who takes over to create stories. Novelist Meira Chand tries to explain why she writes. 


Keeping tabs on toilets

A system that monitors odour levels and usage to detect when a toilet needs to be cleaned has been tested at more than 60 public toilets islandwide in the last two years. It might be used at more lavatories here.


Book to help kids tackle grief

A local book about how children cope with grief will be launched by HCA Hospice (Care) to help children better deal with bereavement. About 15,000 copies of the book, P.S. Grandpa, I Love You, will be distributed to schools and the children of patients from the hospice. 


Stock trading with no fees?

Investors in Singapore may soon be able to trade stocks using their phones, and without needing to pay any commission.

Hong Kong-based company 8 Securities is in the process of obtaining regulatory approval, and hopes to launch the service by the end of the year. 



Team to make Sundram proud

Tampines Rovers meet India's Mohun Bagan in an Asian Football Confederation Cup round of 16 match tonight.

And the Stags are determined to send their coach V. Sundramoorthy (above), who looks set to be announced as Singapore's national coach soon, off on a high note. 


Juicy tidbits from big data

It would take a person about 160 years to eat all the available hawker food in Singapore, according to Food Loves Fellowship, an app developed by A*Star's Urban Systems Initiative. The app is on display at the ArtScience Museum's latest exhibition, Big Bang Data. 


Madonna slammed for lacklustre Prince tribute

Madonna came under fire late on Sunday for her tribute to Prince during the Billboard Music Awards ceremony in Las Vegas. Critics said her performance was disappointing and too distant from the late artist himself. She sang Prince's Nothing Compares 2 U and Purple Rain. 

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