What's News: July 14, 2018

American households can expect to pay more a year as a result of the steel and aluminium tariffs.
American households can expect to pay more a year as a result of the steel and aluminium tariffs. PHOTO: AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE


Asean has role in Korea peace

Asean can continue to play a constructive role in helping to usher in peace and stability on the Korean peninsula, South Korean President Moon Jae-in said yesterday. Once North Korea completes its denuclearisation, the once-vibrant economic cooperation between North Korea and Asean will be revived, he added.


Q2 growth lower than forecast

Singapore's economy expanded 3.8 per cent year on year in the second quarter of 2018, lower than economists' expectations of 4.1 per cent and down from the first quarter's 4.3 per cent growth, according to Ministry of Trade and Industry advance estimates. But economists are largely sticking to their full-year growth estimates.


Cost of trade war to US families

The United States-China trade war has begun, and it arrives with potentially far-reaching consequences for international relations and the global economy. But what about US households? A government estimate puts the annual costs for the average family at US$127 (S$173).


Actresses quit over assault

Four Indian movie actresses have resigned from an actors' association in Kerala over a male actor's alleged involvement in the abduction and sexual assault of an actress in February last year. Their move has made sceptics take notice of the growing demand for gender equality in the south Indian state's film industry.


Improving through learning

Learning helped former drug addict Jix Sze alter his life destiny. Mr Sze, who is now a corporate trainer, said learning helps people take charge of their own lives to change for the better.


Tunnelling under Orchard Rd

Micro tunnel boring machines were used to construct a passageway for the Thomson-East Coast Line under Orchard Boulevard without disrupting traffic and commuters at the busy Orchard station. The line's Orchard station opens in 2021.


Duo jailed for aiding escape bidTwo men have been jailed for helping in the alleged escape bid of former City Harvest Church leader Chew Eng Han in February. Yesterday, Singaporean Tan Poh Teck, 53, was jailed for 27 weeks, and Malaysian Tan Kim Ho, 42, was given six months in jail.


S'pore's role in region's growth

Singapore is positioned to support the region's development by financing infrastructure and enterprise in Asia, including bringing in private capital, Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat said yesterday at a conference.

The country's adoption of digital technology can improve transaction efficiency and raise financial inclusion, he added.


What keeps Croatia going

The World Cup final is going to hurt Croatia but it will not break them, says assistant sports editor Rohit Brijnath. France have more creativity, but Croatia will grind. Maybe tonight, after the massages and pep talks, coach Zlatko Dalic should show his players a short film on polar explorers, who haul sleds for seven hours in the cold but somehow keep pushing on.



S'poreans joining Oscar body

Two Singaporeans, actor Ng Chin Han (above) and film-maker Tan Pin Pin, have been invited to join the body that oversees the Academy Awards. Both have accepted the invitation, and as members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, they will be eligible to vote in the Oscars.


Using CPF for investing

Our Money Hacks guest offers tips on how young adults in Singapore can plan financially for the future by approaching the CPF scheme with a focused mindset. http://str.sg/oQG7


Dramatic cave rescue

In Hangout with ST, join Alyssa Woo and Hairianto Diman as they talk about the Thai cave rescue and brands rolling out food with local flavours to celebrate the nation's birthday. http://str.sg/hangout20

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