What's News: Feb 15, 2016

Protesters prepare to throw objects at police officers (unseen) during riots in Mongkok district in Hong Kong, China, on Feb 9, 2016.
Protesters prepare to throw objects at police officers (unseen) during riots in Mongkok district in Hong Kong, China, on Feb 9, 2016. PHOTO: EPA


Jakarta's new anti-terror law

The Indonesian authorities will soon be able to detain suspects involved in terror-attack plans for up to six months, once a preventive detention law is in force. Revisions to the law, which could be passed as early as April, will also finally make it an offence for citizens to join a militant group overseas, such as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, as well as better define what constitutes an act of terrorism.


Fund to boost aviation sector

The aviation sector here can tap a new training fund to reach new heights. Every year, 20 successful applicants can get $5,000 each under the scheme, which was announced last night by Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam.

Donald Trump (left) and Mr Jeb Bush (right)


Trump, Bush clash in debate

The US Republican presidential race veered into vicious personal attacks over the weekend as White House hopefuls brawled in their latest debate in South Carolina, with front runner Donald Trump and Mr Jeb Bush locking horns.

The state holds its Republican primary on Saturday.


HK riot: 'Separatists' blamed

In unusually blunt remarks, China's top representative in Hong Kong has blamed "radical separatists" for a riot in Mongkok last week. Mr Zhang Xiaoming, director of the central government's Liaison Office, said the rioters were "inclined towards terrorism".


Pyongyang's paranoid quest

North Korea's quest to acquire nuclear weapons is on the agenda at the US-Asean Summit but no big change is likely, for though no one likes what Pyongyang is doing, no one is prepared to do much about it either, writes Jonathan Eyal. Most governments indulge the paranoid regime's self-deception.


Maxwell hawkers get rebate

Hawkers at Maxwell Food Centre are getting a year-long 25 per cent rebate off their rents from the National Environment Agency, after appealing to it earlier for help. Hawkers said their business has been badly hit by MRT construction work and a carpark closure.


Girl who fell 4 floors dies

A three-year-old girl, who fell from her fourth-floor flat last month, has died. She had been left alone in her Serangoon North flat, which had no window grilles, and was found unconscious at the foot of her block and taken to hospital.

She died of pneumonia last Saturday.


Venturing into India pays off

India may be a tough market for foreign companies to break into, but Singapore firms that have taken the bold step say the country holds rich rewards.

This is especially the case now as India is one of the few regional countries which are still going strong even as others face a weaker economic outlook.


Unlucky bite for Danny Yeo

Freestyle specialist Danny Yeo was hit by dengue fever just before Chinese New Year and is out for about two weeks, possibly affecting his chances of qualifying for the Rio Olympics in August.

The 25-year-old has met the "B" time but concedes that his illness will affect his form at the final local qualifier next month.



Not a bridezilla

Reality TV star Randy Fenoli thinks some brides prance half-naked down the aisle in too-revealing wedding gowns. But bridal dresses should be more classically sexy and timeless, says Fenoli, who helps brides-to-be pick their ideal wedding dress on Say Yes To The Dress. Season 14 premieres on March 11 on TLC.

Lim Soo Ngee with a bronze sculpture in his solo show Between/Worlds at the Esplanade's Jendela Visual Arts Space. ST PHOTO: NEO XIAOBIN


Casual angels in Between/Worlds

Sculptor Lim Soo Ngee has created winged figures in casual clothes and with Asian features, likening them to people who are like angels. His solo show Between/Worlds at the Esplanade Mall is on till April 3.

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