Viral video shows multiracial kids in Malaysia recreating CNY lion dance with makeshift tools

Children performing with a lion and instruments made out of household items.
Children performing with a lion and instruments made out of household items.PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM DURIAN KOPI O/FACEBOOK

PETALING JAYA (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - In the spirit of Chinese New Year, a group of multiracial children in Malaysia have used their imagination and creativity to perform their very own version of a lion dance.

In a clip that is making its rounds on social network, the children who are said to be from Kuching, Sarawak used sticks, paint buckets, a tin and pot lids to recreate sounds identical to that of the professionals.

As for the lion, it was two children under a long piece of a blue table cloth attached to the head that was made out of cardboard boxes.

The two-minute video clip, which was uploaded on Durian Kopi O Facebook page on Friday (Feb 5), has so far gained almost 400,000 views, more than 14,000 shares and close to 8,000 likes.

It is uncertain when and where exactly the "lion dance" took place.

Their "budget performance" has earned praises from thousands of Facebook users, who admired their skills and creativity.

A user, Kavisha Avikna, said their effort was brilliant.

"This is real happiness. Rather than playing games on hand phones, nowadays I seldom see children playing in a group," she said.

Another Facebook user, Simanjuntak Abdul Haris, said this was what Malaysia is about.

"The true Malaysia where we embrace and respect each other, no matter what race, religions or skin colour. We are human and we are Malaysians," he said.

Adrian Lau said the children were "colour blind".

"There's no race or colour among the kids, only friendship and happiness. Unity is what makes the nation prosperous," he said.