Video of trainer kicking dog at obedience test angers Malaysians

A screengrab from the Facebook video showing the trainer kicking the dog.
A screengrab from the Facebook video showing the trainer kicking the dog.PHOTO: FACEBOOK/SAMANTHA LOH

PETALING JAYA (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - Just two weeks after a clip of a Singaporean man in Selangor hitting a dog riled up social media, another case of violence against a canine has surfaced, this time committed by a dog trainer.

A video of a dog trainer kicking another participant's dog in what appears to be a dog show has been circulating among social media users in Malaysia.

In the video that is just under a minute and a half long, a group of dog trainers is seen standing in line by their dogs as part of an obedience test.

An order is given for the participants to leave their dogs, at which point they make their way off screen, leaving their dogs sitting in their original positions.

However, things get rowdy the moment the trainers are gone as two dogs almost immediately get into a fight.

The trainer of one of the two tussling dogs is then seen walking up to them and proceeds to kick the other dog.

Pulling his dog away from the other, the man continues to kick at the dog as some of the spectators are audibly riled up by his actions.

Another man then picks up his dog and carries it away.

This follows as other trainers enter the scene and drag off the other dogs that had run into the fray.

The video has been viewed over 30,000 times and shared 576 times on Facebook, receiving 253 comments as of 12.40pm Sunday (April 16).


Earlier this month, a CCTV clip of Singaporean Terry Yee hitting a dog in Puchong, Selangor went viral on Facebook. Yee flew into a rage and violently beat up the dog after he fell off his bike when it broke free of its leash and ran towards him in front of a guardhouse at Taman Melody in Puchong on April 2.

He later apologised for his actions in an interview with TheStarTV on April 7. In the interview, Yee expressed remorse and claimed that he was in fact an animal lover.

Following the incident, Yee's Puchong-based company, Tearproof, came under fire from animal lovers with the company's social media pages receiving hundreds of angry comments chastising his actions.

Three international outdoor gear brands also dropped Tearproof as their Malaysian distributor following consumer demands to protest against his action, The Star reported last week.