Two men who went missing

AMRI CHE MAT, 45 ( left)  RAYMOND KOH, 64
AMRI CHE MAT, 45 ( left) RAYMOND KOH, 64 (right)

In October 2017, Malaysia's human rights commission began its public inquiry into the disappearances of pastor Raymond Koh and social activist Amri Che Mat. Here are accounts of what took place.


March 2014: Mr Amri is arrested with 113 others at a Shi'ite gathering in Perak.

Oct 2015: The religious authorities tell him and his wife they can practise as Shi'ites only behind closed doors.

Oct 2016: Police Special Branch investigation concludes that Mr Amri and his NGO Perlis Hope had proselytised Shi'ite Islam.

Nov 21-23, 2016: Mr Amri's home is under surveillance, according to testimony at the inquiry.

Nov 24, 2016: Mr Amri is abducted while en route to meet a friend. Witnesses say they heard tyres screeching and glass breaking, and saw three vehicles box in Mr Amri's car.

Nov 25, 2016: Mr Amri's car is found abandoned at a disused construction site.


Aug 2011: State religious authority investigates Mr Koh's non-profit organisation Harapan Komuniti for proselytising to Muslims after it hosted a thanksgiving dinner. Two weeks later, he receives an envelope containing two bullets.

13 Feb 2017: Mr Koh is abducted in broad daylight while driving in Kelana Jaya, Selangor. Eyewitnesses say three black 4WD vehicles boxed in his car, while two more cars and two motorcycles surrounded the vehicle. Men in black, wearing balaclavas, were seen struggling with the vehicle driver.

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