'They act like children, I miss them so much': Malaysian village upset over missing monkeys

The monkeys' owner expects the thieves to call and demand payment to return the pair to him. PHOTO: THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK

MALACCA (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - Villagers of Kampung Air Tawar in Sungai Rambai have mounted a search to find a couple of very special friends - a pair of monkeys.

The domesticated macaques, two males named Dodo and Lolo, went missing from the usual spot at the village after being fed with apples, bananas and cordial juice.

The two were tied to trees at 7pm on Monday (Aug 15) before their owner, Mr Safari Razak, 55, left the village to go to Merlimau.

"They are smart and very obedient macaques and act like children, I miss them so much," he said when interviewed.

Mr Safari fears the worst and is convinced that his beloved macaques have been stolen.

"I brought them to the village as babies, trained them and now they are missing. I believe someone has stolen them," he said, adding he had lodged a report at Merlimau police station.

Mr Safari said he expects the thieves to call and demand payment to return the pair to him.

He said each trained monkey could fetch a minimum of RM3,000 (S$1,010) as they could aid in plucking coconuts.

Mr Safari, a coconut picker himself, said the monkeys make his task much easier.

"They are trained to climb and drop the coconuts at the correct are on the ground and in a day the two could cover a wide area," he said.

Mr Safari said he had already searched several places but could not find the monkeys.

Villager Maimunah Ismail, 58, said the monkeys were cuddly and loved by many.

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